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    Electric tile cutter is mainly used to cut glass tiles, faienle, marble, roof-tiles, bricks or similar.  This product characterized by its integrated thermal protection device, lubrication with water, locating operation, convenient use, sturdy construction and fine in appearance, etc. and is an ideal architectural and decorating tool.



    Mode Z1E-1-110 Z1E-5-110
    Overall dimensionmm L420 X W385 X H240 L420 X W385 X H240
    Weightkg 12 11
    Duty type S1 S1
    VoltageV 220 220
    FrequencyHz 50 50
    Speedr/min 2800 2800
    InputW 500 450
    OutputW 350 270
    NoisedbA <70 <70
    Cutting heightmm <32 <32
    Cutter blade Type Moist cutter blade Moist cutter blade
    Outer diametermm Ø180 Ø180
    Inner diametermm Ø22.2 Ø22.2
    tool thicknessmm 1.8 1.8

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